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We’re here to help teachers succeed in making a genuine difference in the classroom.


We do that by creating award-winning resources that capture the magic and wonder of the world, igniting the curiosity of students and making enlightened citizens of us all.


We map our content to curricula around the world, including the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), to ensure our resources are relevant and time-efficient for teachers.

Bringing the world
to the classroom

We are teachers, filmmakers, writers, researchers, academics, and parents. We know what it’s like when an idea suddenly makes sense. When eyes light up, questions spring forth and journeys of discovery begin.


Through our partnership with Imperial College London, we bring topical science news into the classroom with Twig Science Reporter (Reach Out Reporter in the UK), To encourage inquiry and understanding of how science connects to the world around us.

How do NGSS and STEM fit together?

We are passionate about championing science education and understanding the possibilities ahead.  So, in this blog, we look at the overhaul in science education, what it means for teachers and where NGSS fits in relation to STEM.


Discover this and more of the latest news in science, technology, education and NGSS stories on our blog.

“These kids were raised with technology. They love fast-paced video games and gadgets. Teachers have to compete with that in the classroom, and Twig gives us that advantage…”

Beverly Jarrell, Science Teacher, Piney Grove Middle School, Lawsonville, North Carolina

Our story

Some years ago, an 11-year-old went online to research his school project on earthquakes. Along the way, he got lost and bored. Finding stimulating, concise information out there wasn’t easy.


His father had a sense of what was missing (and as a TV producer, he understood the need to captivate an audience).

To help his son, he decided to make short films packed with natural drama and learning – education through entertainment. He put them in teachers’ hands to make fascination part of every lesson. And he linked them with resources to keep students’ curiosity burning.


That 11-year-old’s dad was our founder.

In the years since we launched, our resources have been taken up by over 25,000 schools in over 60 countries and translated into 20 languages, including Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Our journey doesn’t end there. Just like teachers, we’re always asking ourselves how we can make things better, every day.

Impactful partnerships

We work with some of the best media providers on the planet like NASA, the BBC and Getty Images.

We partner with top-level establishments like Stanford University and Imperial College London.

And we have access to renowned academics and teachers to ensure everything we do combines pedagogical strategy with captivating storytelling for maximum effect.

Winning awards
around the globe

Our content and programs have won accolades from the Education industry for the past six years – evidence of the effectiveness of our work.